Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

Why hello blog!  It's been a while.  Where have I been you may be wondering?  Well, there have been two things keeping me busy and away from my computer. 

Six Months Old
You all know the first one well.  The fussbucket!   At eight and a half months old he's as mobile as can be.  He's crawling all over the house now and getting into everything he shouldn't.  This means I'm chasing him around most of the time, unless of course, he's sleeping!

I'm ready to move Mum!
The second thing keeping me uber busy was our recent move!  Mental note to self, stop moving while husband is deployed!   We just bought our first house and trying to pack up the old one, get everything in order for the new one, move from old to new and unpack has been quite the time consuming adventure.  Considering it was mostly done in the two to three hours that Liam is asleep and I'm awake it's a miracle it happened at all!  Many thanks to my dad for coming out to help wrangle the fussbucket and keep me in line!

Our New Place!
Let it be known that the next time I move I hope it's to our forever home.  And I hope my husband is around to help!  I know he wishes he was for this move, but he'll get to enjoy the perks without the pain of moving.  It's no joke moving on your own.  For now, I'd better get on an overdue crochet project that's harder than I thought it would be, but hopefully you won't have to wait so long to hear from me again!