Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back on the Blog Wagon

I have fallen off the blogging band wagon once again.  Despite my best intentions this seems to happen all too frequently.  The past month has been a crazy one!  It has flown by so quickly I hardly had time to blink, and no time to blog obviously.  Our days were filled with rehearsals, family visits, birthday planning, doctors visits and more!  It was insane.  I had planned to blog a number of things, but they've all been pushed to the side.  So here is the first of many catch up posts!

The big brother participated in a School of the Arts program put on by our fabulous local, community theater Legacy Theater.  He was so excited to be a part of this program, and even more excited when he scored the lead role of Aladdin in Aladdin, Jr.  I gave up my Zumba classes to cart him to camp and it was totally worth it, even if my waistline disagrees!

Here are the top five reasons Legacy was an amazing experience for my son, in my eyes:

1.  He learned to take constructive criticism and use it to better himself.

2.  He saw first hand that working hard and preparing for something makes him better at what he does.

3.  He was schooled in the arts, an experience that many children don't get as the arts are disappearing from our schools.

4.  After years of dabbling in a bit of everything he decided, of his own free will, that he is passionate about acting, singing, dancing and wants to pursue that as a hobby.

5.  It provided us opportunities to bond as we ran lines and sang songs together.

There is nothing better than seeing your child love what they do.  However, the life lessons he learned during the four or so weeks at Legacy's School of the Arts summer camps are invaluable life skills.  Things we've tried to impart to our son, but that he of course learned better from others.  And when all was said and done, the kids put on a fabulous show!  It was so spot on.  It was funny.  They were awesome!