Friday, May 25, 2012

I Wanna Be Just Like You!

...and only you!  I remember that feeling well.  That little tag along of a pesky little brother.  Ok, mine was pretty darn cute, just like the fussbucket is, but sometimes it's hard to see the cuteness through the annoyance.  The joys of being a big sibling!

Playing guns with brother!
Yes, we did have to buy L a gun to match his big brothers after he spent half of our trip in Williamsburg trying to steal his.  And now, a month later, they run around the house chasing each other with these guns.  Most days C is great at playing with his brother, but others, he gets annoyed and frustrated.
Aiming like brother!
I hope he looks at these pictures though and remembers how fun it was to play with his little brother.  I hope they continue to grow an amazing bond despite their age difference.  I hope L grows up to be as smart, creative and kind as his big brother.  Most of all I hope that C will continue to love his brother, spend time with him and be a great example to him.

Watching our two boys grow up and change is one of the greatest joys I could ever have imagined.  Seeing the sibling relationship from a whole different perspective makes me appreciate my own little brother so much more!   I hope they realize how lucky they are so much earlier than I might have!  Having a sibling is a great blessing!  I'm so glad I have one and that my boys have each other!

P.S.  Totally unrelated, but Liam now says "cheese" and smiles for pictures...sometimes!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Simple Joys

Life holds many simple joys for us all. One of mine is watching my kids interact with their grandparents. Maybe because they don't get to do it everyday. Or maybe because it brings back memories of my childhood. Either way, I love it!

Liam had a hard time remembering my dad on his latest trip. I know it's part of the age, but it still made me sad since they were best buds at thanksgiving! And of course as soon as my dad had to leave to go back home the fussbucket was less fussy with grandpa and starting to bond again!

They did have some sweet moments. Quick hugs I didn't catch on camera and lots of laughing! But my favorite was probably the little man sitting on Grampys shoulders on our way back to the car after a long day at the air show. What could be better than this?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Disney Fund Is Underway!

That's right!  You heard it here first!  I made my first deposits into our Disney fund!  Keep in mind, every little bit adds up!  Don't be surprised with the little baby steps!  This deposit was pretty decent actually:
  • $92.30 earned at a consignment sale selling clothes & other kids items that we no longer use
  • $29.30 refund from On-Star
Total Deposit: $121.60
Total Saved: $131.24

Obviously we have a ways to go, but we will be making regular monthly deposits as well to be sure we meet our goal.   I'm optimistic that we'll be able to make it!  Watch out Mickey, 'cause here we come!