Friday, May 25, 2012

I Wanna Be Just Like You!

...and only you!  I remember that feeling well.  That little tag along of a pesky little brother.  Ok, mine was pretty darn cute, just like the fussbucket is, but sometimes it's hard to see the cuteness through the annoyance.  The joys of being a big sibling!

Playing guns with brother!
Yes, we did have to buy L a gun to match his big brothers after he spent half of our trip in Williamsburg trying to steal his.  And now, a month later, they run around the house chasing each other with these guns.  Most days C is great at playing with his brother, but others, he gets annoyed and frustrated.
Aiming like brother!
I hope he looks at these pictures though and remembers how fun it was to play with his little brother.  I hope they continue to grow an amazing bond despite their age difference.  I hope L grows up to be as smart, creative and kind as his big brother.  Most of all I hope that C will continue to love his brother, spend time with him and be a great example to him.

Watching our two boys grow up and change is one of the greatest joys I could ever have imagined.  Seeing the sibling relationship from a whole different perspective makes me appreciate my own little brother so much more!   I hope they realize how lucky they are so much earlier than I might have!  Having a sibling is a great blessing!  I'm so glad I have one and that my boys have each other!

P.S.  Totally unrelated, but Liam now says "cheese" and smiles for pictures...sometimes!

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