Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Call Me Farmer Gretchen!

I am by all accounts a born & raised city girl.  However, the Marine Corps had other plans for us and we now live out in farm country.  It's an interesting adjustment to say the least, but there are pluses and minuses to where we live.  I could do without all the bugs.  And I'd like more culture and things to do.  But we own a nice house in a safe neighborhood that we probably couldn't afford without a second income in CA.

So, I'm trying to embrace my new "country" lifestyle and realized a little dream of having a vegetable garden.  It has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done!  First the Gunny and the boys built me a nice raised vegetable bed.  We scaled in down in case we didn't like gardening and I totally regret that decision.  It has been such a fun project for the older brother and I to do together.  We water and inspect the plants.  We watch for new growth and exclaim over the sprouting veggies!

Recently we picked our first fresh vegetables.  There is a thrill to picking something in your own backyard.  To knowing you grew it.  And you all know I love to save a buck so not having to buy zucchini for my Turkey Zucchini Vegetable Pot is a huge plus!  Fresh veggies are expensive and I'm happy to save on my grocery bill.

Maybe I'm a little bit country after all!  You might be too...get out and grow something!

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