Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Changes

Big brother holding Little brother for the first time

Today is our last day together as a family, and not for the reasons many may think.  Our oldest is going away for a month.  When he has to go, it breaks my heart.  I cry after he can't see me any more every time.  However, this time is different.  This time he has a little brother who adores him.  Who can't wait for him to come home every day after school.   Who follows him around and mimics what he does.  For almost two years the big brother has been a constant in his little brother's life and I'm worried about how it'll go.  I'm sad thinking about it.  I'm worried how the fussbucket will react when he doesn't come home.  I'm worried about how he'll react when his big brother does get home a month later.  They have such a sweet special bond.  I really hope it sustains this trip.  I'm sure it will, but there is still some fear because kids are unpredictable.  Out of everything I worry about when C leaves this is probably the least of my worries.  I know these two love each other.  I also know that we're all gonna miss C like crazy when he leaves. 

Now I'd better go think about Disney projects to do while the big brother is gone or something else happy before I break into tears.  Nobody wants a crying mommy!

At Busch Gardens in April, almost two years later.

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