Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flipping Out!

I spent the last week and a half flipping out about Liam flipping!  He has been breech  most of this pregnancy and when they informed me a week and a half ago, at 36 1/2 weeks, that he still was I was concerned.  My doctor said I may need to start looking at my options.  These included an external manual version and a c-section.  Um, no thanks!  Did he miss the note in my file about wanting a natural birth?   (I say this with heavy sarcasm as he really did notice and mention the note!)  He said they would schedule an ultrasound for a week or two from then to check on where Liam was.  If not, it was time to chat.

My reaction was to obsess for the past week and a half about what I could do to get the little man to turn head down and ready to go!  I have spent a lot of time and money preparing for birth, and wasn't ready to give up on the baby cooperating and doing what is natural!  So I started seeking information from the fabulous ladies on my What to Expect forum.  These ladies have been the voice of reason, experience and fabulous listeners throughout my entire pregnancy!  They didn't disappoint!  They offered advice, hope and prayers.  The best recommendation I got was for the website  What a great resource!  I was willing to try anything and this site has a plethora of information and ideas to help baby go head down!

Each day I did inversion exercises in hope that if I was head down, the baby would go head down.  So, much to my husband's delight, I "hung" upside down off of the couch at least three times a day.  He enjoyed the spectacle so much he would encourage me to do the exercises when he was home.  We tried putting the cold ice pack on his head when it was up in my ribs, pelvic tilts (with and without the ice pack) and Den talking to the bottom of my belly so he would follow his voice.  I even shamelessly tried lecturing and nagging him while he is in the womb! 

On Monday I decided it was time for one last ditch attempt at him flipping and scheduled an appointment with a local chiropractor who specializes in the Webster technique.  I was a little nervous about being adjusted in my very pregnant state, but decided I would regret it if I didn't try everything at my disposal to get the little man head down.  So off to the chiropractor I went.  After a quick "interview" he adjusted me and worked on my round ligament.  One slightly hefty "first appointment" fee later I walked out hopeful I'd have good news at the doctors.

And so yesterday I nervously headed off to the doctors office.  I hadn't had butterflies in my stomach like this since our first dating ultrasound!  When the tech turned on the machine and found his head by my pelvis I cried!  I was so happy he had cooperated!  Am I 100% sure what worked?  Nope.  No idea.  All I know is that we are ready for take-off here at Hotel Gretchen!  We're just waiting on Liam to be ready to make his appearance!  And in the meantime, I got to see his adorable face again.  I cannot wait to meet him in person!

Now on to Operation Evict Liam!

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