Thursday, September 1, 2011


Those of you who know the fussbucket know he's a little hard headed.  And, who are we kidding, he comes by it honestly! While this description fits his budding personality, it's also literal this week as L and the coffee table met for the first time! 

The fussbucket wasn't so fond of this encounter as you can see, but he recovered nicely.

A little bump on the head won't put the fussbucket in the corner!  He was off and running once he got over the initial shock and pain.

I think the lasting impacts on Mum might be harder than they were on L.  Course the incessant teasing by my husband probably doesn't help, but at least I know the fussbucket will go on being his normal adventurous self, despite my inability to foresee his actions!  Oh the joys of parenthood!  Maybe I'll just put him in a bubble? 

P.S.  I did call the doctor and the doctor more babies bumping their heads!  (Or watch for these signs of concussion...)

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  1. Funny to see another Military wife use the term "Fussbucket" also! I hope he is doing better!