Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweet Bliss

Motherhood is one of those roller coaster journeys.  There are ups and downs.  A day that is a slow climb and seems like it will never end.  Then there are the days that zoom by and you wish they would slow down so you could enjoy the moment.  Don't forget the days were nothing goes right and both baby and mommy are crying.  And then there are those blissfully sweet days were things just seem to go right.  Thankfully, just when I thought it was going to be a day where nothing went right the roller coaster took a sharp turn!  Today, as I was about at the brink of frustration, my husband came home to drop off gear and rescued the crying fussbucket from his bouncy seat enabling me to enjoy the rest of my shower scream free.  Then the fussbucket sat in his Bumbo while I did my hair enabling me to have a fro-free day!  (Which is much appreciated when I have a meeting with the principal!)  But it doesn't stop there.  Liam just got changed, ate and went down for a nap at naptime!  What?  This has been pretty unheard of lately so I am ecstatic that he is back on schedule today!  I am in awe of the quiet in my house right now.  Of being able to each my lunch with both hands!  And thankful that my husband had to switch out gear, triggering these moments of bliss for this mum.

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