Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thin Down Thursday - Week 10

Well, I've been on a Thin Down Thursday hiatus.  This is not a good thing!  With family in town, I've let my weight loss goals fall to the wayside a bit.  I honestly have not been making the best choices and am afraid to step on the scale!  So, Thin Down Thursday is probably on hiatus until after Thanksgiving. I'm going to try to stay on plan and track.  That is the least I can do.  But for now, it is what it is.  This is short, but I didn't want everyone to think I'd given up.  I guess I've just been sitting on the bench wishing I was playing.  Time to get back in the game!


  1. Its awesome that you have goals but even more impressive that you are mentally on track with them. This is a CRAZY hard time of year to obtain any weight loss goals, plus you just had a baby.

  2. Thanks! I try to keep the fact that it's the holidays and I just had a baby in mind. Normally I'd indulge a little at the holidays and just work it off between or after, but life is different when you're trying to lose weight! My body is different than it ever has been before. It's hard to come to terms with. But, all good things come in time. It took me nine months to put it on so I don't expect it to come off overnight!