Monday, November 1, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Happy Monday Everyone!

1)  Crazy day!  So today was just nuts!  Liam was fussy.  Very, very fussy.  And contrary to popular belief, I am not lying about this!  I know he's a happy baby, or at least appears so in my photos, but he isn't always that happy!  After all, who take photos of their babies screaming their heads off?  (I'll admit, I took one...)

2)  Cutest Knight & Dragon Ever!  Nuff said!

3)  Wine Lessons - She might kill me, but I'm featuring my friend Jennie in this post!  I love Jennie, but she had never opened a wine bottle before.  Oh, the shock and horror!  So, I deemed it my responsibility to teach her!  The kids watched "How To Train a Dragon" and the mommies had "mommy time" in the dining room.  It's always great to catch up with friends, but it's even better with a glass of wine!
Jennie's birthday wine ready for the tasting!

I taught her how to use the "ghetto" opener!

And now we can drink the wine!

4)  Eleven Weeks - Liam was 11 weeks on Sunday.  He was adorable in his "1st Boo" onsie.  What a pity he only gets to wear it once.  I still find it a little ironic that I have a child who can wear orange. ( I would look like a pumpkin if I did!)

5) Thumbsucker! Yep, it's official, Liam is a thumbsucker!  I hoped it wouldn't be, but far be it from my infant to listen to me.  I'm already looking for tips on how to break it!

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  1. His little Boo outfit is precious :) what a handsome little one!