Friday, January 21, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things - Volume Two

Today we have to talk about my love for the My Best Friend nursing pillow.  It is a lifesaver!

I was given a Boppy and nursed with that for almost three months.  However, somewhere along the line I gave myself carpal tunnel nursing my baby.   Somewhere, someone coined the term mommy thumb and I have it!  It's painful to do most anything and I attribute it to nursing since I didn't have this issue before I had the fussbucket.  So, the Boppy has been great for many things, but I was pretty excited when I saw the My Best Friend pop up on Amazon one day.  In reading the reviews a mommy, like me said it saved her from her carpel tunnel.  I had to try it!

While it hasn't gotten rid of my mommy thumb, I sure wish I had this from day one!  I'm pretty confident that I would not have gotten mommy thumb had I had the proper tools from day one.  There are many reasons why this pillow can prevent mommy thumb and make breast feeding easier.  It clips on and stays in place so baby's not moving around as much.  It holds baby up closer to the breast for you so you're not straining your arm, wrist and thumb to hold them in place!  It supports baby at the breast so you don't have to.  It also lets you easily move around while nursing baby, almost hands free.  Because, inevitably, the dogs have to go outside while you're nursing.  Murphy's Law maybe, but the dogs need to go out or the phone rings when you're glued to the couch with the baby.  Unless, of course, you have the My Best Friend!

This is one of the best baby products I've purchased!  It really is a must have if you plan to breastfeed!  Make sure it's on your registry or you pick one up before you have baby so you can escape the dreaded mommy thumb!

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