Friday, June 11, 2010

My Love Affair...

Yes, that is right, I am having an affair...with air conditioning! The heat has definitely taken over the south and this So Cal girl doesn't know what to do with herself! I have tried throughout this pregnancy to stay healthy, both in diet and exercise, but that is getting harder to do as I get further along. The last thing I want to do is go outside for a walk. (And the first thing I want is some nice, cold ice cream!) I know, I know, they say it helps to be in shape for labor, but I need to make it to labor, not die of heat stroke first! So maybe I'm being a little melodramatic here, but the heat and humidity are not my friends! Oh how I wish I was back home walking in June gloom right now! At least it sounds much more appealing! But the grass is always greener on the other side isn't it? I guess from now on I either suck it up or walk on a treadmill at the gym? I am sure either will provide me with the benefits I need. And at least one option includes my new best friend, air conditioning!

Everyone keeps telling me it's going to be a long, hot summer for me. What they don't understand is that I already know this! Summer in the south would be my least favorite thing about living here to begin with. The hair doesn't do what it's supposed to, you're gross as soon as you walk out the door and it seems to last forever. But to top it off with my body temperature being out of whack makes it even more unbearable! I try to encourage myself by saying at least I'm due at the beginning of August so I miss out on a lot of our North Carolina summer. (Which goes through October for the most part!) While this is true, it's little consolation while I'm out walking.

They say you forget the pain of labor as soon as you see your little one, and this is why people have multiple children. But I wonder if you forget how uncomfortable you are during the last couple of months, especially when those last few months are over the summer? Here's my theory: whether or not Cody and Liam have a little sibling could fully depend on my memory recall. (And a little planning so I'm not hugely pregnant over the summer???) Hopefully my friend air conditioning will make these last few weeks as pleasant as possible so my memory isn't tainted! In the end, when I'm holding little Liam I'm sure it will all be worth it!

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  1. From what I have seen, being pregnant in the summer is no fun no matter where you live. I can't imagine how much worse it is with the humidity. Make sure you drink lots of water. Plan on having your next baby in the middle of January. =)