Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Need to Know Basis

Everything I post here is on a need to know basis. Sure, you probably don't "need" to know any of it, but I need someone to share it with. Sure beats talking to myself or the pups! So I've jumped on the blogging bandwagon.

See, I am a stay at home wife and mom. I wasn't always one, and I sometimes find myself missing the old days when I had a story to tell and a captive audience to tell it to! Once upon a time I was a career woman. I traveled the world every chance I got and spent most of my paycheck on shoes. Then, along came this guy...and oh how life changed. I never thought I would marry someone in the military, but I did. I never thought I'd be a stepparent, but I am. And honestly, my shoe collection is suffering. But I wouldn't change this life for the world.

And so life goes on. I find my days are filled with laundry, volunteering at the school, cooking and cleaning. Gone are the days of press releases, business lunches and party planning. And each day presents new challenges as we live out our little slice of the American dream. Because life isn't about how much money I make, what trips I went on lately, or even the latest pair of heels. It's about the man that loves me unconditionally, a little boy who challenges us and brings us joy and our two furbabies, who might be more spoiled then our actual child!

Now we await the newest member of our family. Our next little man should join us in early August. We are all beyond thrilled. I loved doing mommyhood from school-age on (who wouldn't appreciate not having to change a diaper!), but I am equally as excited to have a little person that is part me to raise from day one.

So sit back and enjoy the ride. And remember, information is on a need to know, or need to share basis. If you need to know ask. And you can bet that I will share when I need to, and probably sometimes when I just want to!

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