Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Dog Ate My ________!

No, not my homework, the dog ate my nipple shield!  Yep, left it sitting on the end table after feeding the fussbucket (aka Liam) when we ran to pick up C from football practice and grab dinner.  (The immense failure at cooking due to my exhaustion meant a not so healthy fast food meal...again.)  When we got home the hubby says, "What is that?" in alarm and is analyzing the floor.  I thought for sure there was a giant bug on the ground, but no, it was the nipple shield. In pieces.  Oh joy.  Since we took our roadtrip up to PA fussbucket has been, well, fussy about latching so the nipple shield is my saving grace.  I was nearly reduced to tears when finding out the dog ate it.  The fact that the dog even found this appealing is gross and hilarious at the same time!  So first thing this morning after I have C out the door to school we are running out to Target to pick up a new one, or maybe two so we have a backup...just in case.

And because one "tragedy" isn't enough for a night when you're working on a couple hours of sleep, I joined Den in the "showers of love" category last night.  Not only did Liam shower me, he shot it up and over the changing table and all over the car seat which was sitting right next to the pack n play.  So, we had to disassemble the car seat to wash it all.  Good times.  Now I am left with the fun task of putting it all back together.  Mind you, with Den about to leave this is probably something I need to figure out anyways.  Can't depend on him for these things as I'm sure it will need to be washed for many reasons in the future.  But seriously, on a morning when I want to run an errand ASAP?  Probably not the time for me to read instructions and struggle with a car seat!

And so continue the joys of parenthood.  However, when I look at my little man's face and he cuddles up on my chest it's all worth it!

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