Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mommy Brain

When you're pregnant you seem to become extra forgetful.  Everyone claims to have "preggo brain".  Unfortunately, it doesn't go away, it just changes  names.  I now have "mommy brain".  While it's a fabulous excuse for being forgetful or absent minded, it's also slightly embarassing and inconvenient.  It's only 8:30 in the  morning and I already have two prime examples of mommy brain.

First, I was looking through information to register Liam with our insurance.  I have to go down to the office today and was looking through things in his baby book where I had stored his temporary birth certificate.  I thought his footprints from the hospital were there, but they weren't.  I start freaking out that we don't have them!  I remember my friend Michelle showing them to me in the delivery room.  But between the rest of the delivery process and Liam not pinking up fast enough and being taken to the nursery I wasn't sure exactly where they were.  I thought we had them, but there was that moment of panic.  Fortunately my "mommy brain" cleared up long enough for me to look in a folder that had my pre-registration info for the hospital in it and there they were!  I knew I'd kept that folder for a good reason!

Second, I made myself a yummy and healthy breakfast this morning of oatmeal with banana and a serving of golden raisins in it!  In the process of mixing in my mushed up banana and raisins the fussbucket went at it.  I went to change him, walked around with him for a bit, put him in his bouncer and then went to the restroom.  When I came back out to the living room I smelled something burning.  What????  Yep, I left the burner on so there is now a layer of burnt oatmeal on the bottom of the pot.  That should be fun to clean!  But at least what survived my "mommy brain" is tasty!

Now to go wolf down said remaining breakfast so I can feed the fussbucket!  Hopefully my "mommy brain" moments for the day are all checked off and I can function like a normal human being!

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