Monday, October 4, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1)  I should be napping, but I'm not.  I'm so tired!  Liam thought last night was playtime.  If  I wasn't holding him he was screaming his head off.  I finally put him in the bouncer and went back to bed.  Now he is still sleeping.   Why am I blogging instead of sleeping?  I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.

2)  I really need to work on my golf game.  That is the moral of the weekend.  Had a fabulous visit with the in-laws.  We went to the Golfin Dolphin on Saturday since Cody's game was canceled and hit up the driving range and played a game of mini golf.  Liam slept the whole time and I was reminded how long it's been since I golfed.   To be quite honest, the last time I golfed was pre-Liam.

3)  Liam is seven weeks old!  Time is flying by.  He is so much more interactive now, it's crazy!  I love that he laughs and smiles back at me.  It melts my heart.

4)  Donuts.  I really want to run out to Dunkin Donuts and get a pumpkin donut.  But I won't.  Why?  Because I need to lose the baby weight and a pumpkin donut will do nothing for that goal.  But man, they are so good!

5)  I love this weather!  Now if only all my fallish clothes fit.  But they don't.  Hopefully soon I'll be back in my jeans.  But for now I'm enjoying the cooler temps.   I don't even mind the gloomy weather out when I can sit at home with a cup of tea and enjoy it.  It reminds me of Dublin and San Francisco.  I miss both of those cities more than you know.  Maybe I'll be nostalgic and look through old pictures today.  That sounds like a good compliment to my cup of tea.
Dublin, 2002

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