Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thin Down Thursday - Week 7

Weight Loss: -1.6

Struggles: The baby has been very fussy and clingy lately.  Does not make fitting in exercise easily.

Non-Scale Victories: I tracked all week and met my goal of exercising three times this week!

Goal for next week: Exercise four days this week.  I figure one more day shouldn't be too hard to fit in.

Reflections: Wow, what a difference a work out makes!  I can't believe how great this week was!  I haven't seen a number like this week's since my first week of WW.  I'm so stoked!  My new goal is to exercise four days this week.  And of course to continue tracking!  These things are obviously working!  I'm beyond excited and motivated!  Hopefully this will continue.  One week until the ball so every little bit helps me fit into my dress!  Until next week!

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