Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thin Down Thursday

And so begins a new chapter in my blogging life.  A very personal one.  I figured I am not the only new mom who is struggling to lose the baby belly.  I know it just falls off for some people and they bounce right back to their pre-pregnancy body, but I am not one of those people.  I have lots of baby weight to lose and a lot of clothes that DO NOT fit in my closet.  I have joined Weight Watchers to try to help me through this journey since they have helped me before.  (Lose the freshman 15, happily married 20, etc.)  I also like that they do account for breastfeeding, even if that's a struggle, and a whole other post, for me.  I'm finding this journey harder than before.  I always have a harder time when Den is home so the first few weeks were tough.  But it's also hard because I have to get rid of all the bad habits I let creep back in while I was pregnant.  I love ice cream.  It is delish!  I love pumpkin donuts.  Yum!  Oh, and can I just mention the french fry craving I had when pregnant with Liam....  But these do nothing for my waistline.

My current motivation is to look somewhat good for our Marine Corps Ball in a month.  I know I can't undo nine months of pregnancy weight in one month, but hopefully I can take a bite out of it and start the process to feeling good about myself again.

So each Thursday I will post how I did that week.  No where will you find my weight.  (Sorry, I have my limits and insecurities so it will not be posted on the web for all to see!)  However, I will post how much I lost, or didn't lose.  I will tell you my struggles, my little non-scale victories and any tricks I learned this week.

Thin Down Thursday Stats - Week Five*

Weight Loss: - 0.8 (Trying to remind myself that every little bit adds up and I am not a contestant on the Biggest Loser here!)

Struggles: A very busy weekend with a lot of eating out!

Non-Scale Victories: Bouncing back from a hard weekend to get on track during the week.  Actually cooking a meal for Cody and I that didn't involve the word "cuisine" and a microwave twice this week!

Goal for next week: Track everything I eat so I am accountable to what is going in my mouth!

* I am starting with week five as it correlates to the number of weeks I have been doing Weight Watchers.  I'll never remember what week it is unless it matches the week in my WW book!

So how about you new moms?  How are you feeling about your postpartum body?  What are you doing to lose the baby belly?  How are you feeling about the process?


  1. You go Gretchen, I just started a blog too about my weight loss. We can do this! Jill

  2. Oh darling, it took me nine months to completely lose the 40lbs I gained in pregnancy! Don't sweat it just yet!

  3. I'm a new follower from the Fabulous Friday Follow. Don't sweat over the baby weight! It took me 5 years with my first child (my daughter) and the only reason I lost it so quickly with my son (5 months old) is because of health issues I have. Enjoy your new baby and dont sweat over the weight. As long as you & your hubby are happy....that's all that matters!

    Hope to see you around my blog sometime soon.


  4. I'm rooting for you! My boy is 18 months old and I'm still struggling with losing the weight. On Monday, I'm going straight to Gold's Gym to sign up :-)

    I'm a new follower! I found you through Fabulous Friday Follow blog hop. If you get a chance, check out my blog. I have some giveaways going on with very low entries.

  5. Following you from Fabulous Friday Follow.

  6. Good luck with everything. I am currently on a diet myself and am doing pretty good. I am a new follower. Hope you can follow back :)

  7. First off, thank you to all the followers from Fabulous Friday Follow! I'm going to return the favor, but have been kept busy with my two boys and being sick the past week!

    Thank you all for your encouragement, solidarity, empathy, etc. I love knowing I'm not alone and it's ok that my body hasn't bounced right back! You guys rock!